A good architect charges like a wounded bull for a reason. A mistake, no matter how small, in style, form or construction can be hugely expensive, or worse, irreversible.
The ability to visualize architectural design so that you can confirm that the forms and spaces are complimentary and compatible, is critical.
It enables the builder to identify the need for changes to the project before work starts on construction, and the client to visualize how the house or apartment will look after construction or renovation.

In the past architects have relied on various forms of artwork and sketches to help people to visualize their designs. Today these simple line drawings have evolved into 3D Renderings and animations, which are far closer to reality than hand- sketched or painted images.

By using VASTview products in your 3D creations, you will be amazed by the quality of the assets and the final look of your scenes.
1: VASTview Design, February 2018, Lounge View

3D architectural visualisation, Wow-factor!

Described by some as a ‘disciplinary overlap between architecture and film’ 3d visualization and 3d modelling is created with tools like 3dsmax, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD etc.
3D Architectural Visualization is a relatively new kid on the block. Only ten years ago 3D visualisation comprised raw and unrealistic renderings. Today they are photo-realistic animations that are difficult to distinguish from a real-life video.
More advanced architectural visualization allows the viewer to actually choose from a selection of materials, swap schemes and mix and match wall and floor colours.
But not all 3D visualisations are the same.

If you’re an architect, hi-rise builder, major builder or even a show room that wishes to provide customers with a better idea of how some of your smaller samples will look in situ, how do you choose the right 3D visualisation studio?
Easy. Ask for pictures or video of the most recent project each 3D visualisation studio has done and compare them.
If any of these projects elicit a “Wow! This is amazing!” response from you.  It’s highly likely it will do the same for your customers.
Only truly high-quality 3D graphics have that ‘Wow” factor and to help you to generate that Wow-factor, we have put a great team of awesome CG artists to create the most realistic Unreal Engine 3D Assets.

“ providing high-quality assets is how we give artists new super-powers.”
-Arian Rudd