Another set of UE4 Assets are here. it’s time for Homeware!

In some cases, and in fact, in most of the visualization projects, while we for instance, work on a room, trying to make it look more lively and as a result, a concluded house, we sense that something is missing. something that could “fill” the environment.

Our new set of 3D element Models include Decorative, A set of 3d objects that could easily make other elements coming together, or in other words, make the environment richer. our team carefully has chosen a set of decorative objects that could easily make any projects look both prettier and more accessible, and using the powerful feature of UE4, we could proudly bring you the quality of 3D element that could initially and mentally, make every project more productive.

Also don’t forget our one-time offer of a 50% discount that will be available only until November 10. As a dedication to our great community of designers!

Hyper-Realistic Results with New 3D Models from UE4Asset
VASTview Creative Collection 2019