Yet again, We are releasing new UE4 assets!

We’ve been talking about proper 3D lighting in our team since it’s crucial to a proper 3D interior design. The conclusion was always “Achieving good lighting results through details”.

Our new set of UE4 Models include 3D Chandeliers packed with detailed lighting features that helps you getting better results integrating your 3D elements, fully adjustable for UE4 architectural visualization and indoor lighting, We made sure this set will fit your visualization projects that focuses on indoor elements. Make sure to grab yours today! and make your UE4 project feel like a proper 3D interior design.

Also, don’t forget our one-time offer of a 50% discount that will be available only until February 15. As a dedication to our great community of 3D designers!

Take a Look at a Few of Our Chandelier Models for UE4:
VASTview Creative Collection 2019