So, you have applied all textures and colors and are done ‘visualizing’ your building structure? Wait. You’re not done yet. No home is ‘home’ without all the intricacies—even if it’s a 3D home. That’s what architectural visualization (‘Archviz’) is for; it aims to create a realistic opportunity to experience a 3D design in a virtual yet authentic environment, and it wouldn’t be an authentic environment without authentic details.

Prepare to meet our newest set of premium 3D assets for Unreal Engine 4: clocks, mirrors and picture frames. Give your walls a whole other, more ‘home-y’ look with our astonishing contemporary clocks and mirrors. Over and above that, our picture frames, which are 100% customizable, are here to add to the list, too. You’ll be surprised to see the photo-realistic quality of the wooden materials used to design the frames.

3D picture frame model with a fine, elaborate structure

Assets are made of textures and materials, and asset quality is linked directly to texture and material quality. UE4Asset always bears that in mind and pays special attention to roughness map settings to ensure high-quality PBR materials. This is manifested in the hyper-realistic reflection quality of our mirror assets. Our outstanding glass materials are also a result of the same diligent optimizations.

In all of our designs, we always make sure that global illumination settings, artificial light source radius and mobility options are set and adjusted as per the most optimum standards. Our assets hinge on fully optimized lightmaps and textures and accurate lighting and shading settings, which yields more reliable, more realistic results and softer shadows. Invisible UV mapping cuts and on-point lightmaps enable us to deliver a photo-realistic, immersive experience with minimum trace of virtuality.

Our design team always conducts careful, device-specific optimization when designing each asset to ensure a seamless output. We also give great care to mesh resolutions and strive to keep a well-suited balance between low-quality fast rendering and unnecessarily heavy graphics.

Hurry up so you won’t miss our stunning 50% discount, which will be available for our newest assets until November 30 only.

3D classic mirror model for UE4

Intricacies Done Right: Meet Our New 3D Clock and Mirror Model

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