UE4Asset is proud to be introducing yet another wave of top-notch exclusive 3D assets for Unreal Engine 4, which wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of our superior design team. This time around, we are targeting our category of furniture assets: TV units, consoles, buffets and more stools and ottomans.

Stand out in the competition: furnish your 3D living room with our hyper-realistic, premium assets, and deliver your best project ever. Distinguish yourself from your competitors by caring more about textures and other details. You will be pleased to notice the smooth lighting and shading features of our assets, which is a result of our optimum adjustment of global illumination settings, artificial light source radius and mobility options.

Classic wooden cabinet - close-up view

As an Archviz artist or 3D modeller, you sure know that quality is always your number one priority. Assets are made of textures and materials, and asset quality is linked directly to texture and material quality. UE4Asset always bears this in mind and puts quality before everything else.

Our design team strives to always use photo-scanned textures as much as possible, and, together with our exclusive shaders which we keep updated with the latest nodes, this enables us to deliver hyper-realistic, multi-purpose assets. Use them and never worry about details again.

We use accurate modelling methods while preserving edge loops for faster unwrapping. Our design team always conducts careful, device-specific optimization for each new asset and gives great care to mesh resolutions in order to be able to keep a well-suited balance between low-quality fast rendering and unnecessarily heavy graphics which would demand high-end hardware on the part of the users.

We will be offering our newest furniture assets with an attractive discount of 50%. Hurry up so you won’t miss out—our prices will go back to normal after December 10.

Premium marble console model (King Console)

Start using our premium assets. Stop worrying about details.

Premium 3D models of TV stands and consoles by UE4Asset
Here's a Preview of Our Endless World of UE4 3D Assets:
2018 VASTview Creative Collection