Whether you’re designing a kitchen, a laundry or a bathroom, you’re going to want to rub it up with our newest set of UE4 3D fixture models. Boost your Archviz project to a whole new level by using our stunning Unreal Engine 4 assets that look way too real to be called unreal. Our newest assets are sporting an on-point design that complies downright with all real-world standards.

You’ll no longer need to worry about size mismatches or inaccurate textures; our assets boast fully authentic shapes and dimensions and are 100% ready for use in your real-time 3D walkthrough interior scenes.

Until the end of October, you can get your hands on our newest category of UE4 assets with a striking discount of 50%.

Hyper-Realistic Results with New 3D Models from UE4Asset
2018 VASTview Creative Collection