Jam Tray UE4 Model

A kitchen—whether virtual or real—will never look like an actual kitchen without proper accessories. UE4Asset is proud to be unveiling yet another set of Unreal Engine 3D objects and models, this time aiming for your 3D kitchen.

Give your UE4 kitchen a unique look with our cutting-edge kitchen assets and never fret about details anymore. We use spot-on, well-optimized designs to ensure enticingly realistic looks and accurate reflections (manifested best in our dressed jam tray and sugar & cream set designs) that will noticeably enhance the quality of your Archviz work.

Our tempting 50% discount also applies to our kitchen set—only until the end of October.

Rejoice in a Preview of Our Ultra-Realistic UE4 3D Jam Tray Model

Hyper-Realistic Results with Premium 3D Models by UE4Asset
2018 VASTview Creative Collection