Another set of UE4 Assets are here. it’s time for bedroom set!

It’s a common mistake to misplace bedroom set in a virtual house design. and that can be troublesome while visualizing for the endpoint user. since we might need to reduce qualities, aspects etc.. in order to fit everything where they should.

Our new set of 3D Models include Bedroom set, with textures and qualities both accessible and ready, we provide solutions for your bedroom visualization that saves you time and resources. We have gathered our assets based on our in-action projects we have done around bedroom design, and with current new set, we make sure to meet the very expectation of virtual house design as accessible as possible.

Also don’t forget our one-time offer of a 50% discount that will be available only until November 10. As a dedication to our great community of designers!

Hyper-Realistic Results with New 3D Models from UE4Asset
VASTview Creative Collection 2019